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You have reached the Internet home of Fredrik Mörk, professional software developer and amateur photographer. If you are curious about who I am there is some to read about me.

The photos

What you find on this site is mostly my photos, there are approximately 300 images online. Right now I am working through the backlog of images that I have not edited, so the newest images are not on the site yet. At the time of writing this, I am working on images from the summer 2005. New images are added to the site every now and then.

If you want to keep an eye on new images, there is an RSS feed for site updates. It contains the same information as the news-section on the top of this page. (If you don't know what an RSS feed is, click here to read about it)

All my photos are tagged with keywords, and fully searchable.

You can search using this form:

The blog not updated very often. It contains a mixture of random thoughts and occasional texts related to software development. The latest software related text that I posted is titled Running scripts from .Net.

The Music updated extremely rarely. I don't spend a lot of time making music, and when I do I mostly play around with bits and pieces that are never intended to actually become something specific. When I actually manage to finish a song I post it in the music section.


Below here are a number of random images from the site. I used to have them sorted in categories, but I find it so hard determine in which category to put some images, so I decided to leave it up to the keywords. When you are looking at an image, there will be number of clickable keywords next to it, that you can use to "keyword surf" among the images. Some good examples of keywords are Ireland, Animals and Landscapes. There is also a list of keywords.

This web site, and all its content, are copyright © Fredrik Mörk. If you want to use an image or some music for any purpose, please contact me. If you have a really large screen, this web site might look better if you do not have your browser window maximized. But that's your choice to make ;o)
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